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A Lesson in Basic Economics: Tom Buys a Car from Harry

Opinion · What a used car transaction can teach us about subjective value

T. Norman Van Cott
July 22, 2022

EFI News & Opinion

A Lesson in Basic Economics: Tom Buys a Car from Harry

Opinion · What a used car transaction can teach us about subjective value

T. Norman Van Cott · July 22, 2022

Common Sense Economics - a book for students and their grandparents

EFI News · Randall Filer took part in the presentation of the Armenian edition, at the American University of Armenia Portal · July 8, 2022

Meet Armenia’s next generation of Common Sense Economists!

EFI News · Over 100 students from more than 30 schools and universities across the country embraced the challenge.

Eleanor Hammond · July 4, 2022

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Public Choice Economist

Opinion · Can Star Wars be an intergalactic gateway to better understand public choice theory?

Byron B. Carson, III · June 17, 2022

Price regulation: the visible and invisible hand, and what do they have to do with the fuel crisis in Ukraine?

Opinion · Fuel shortages, empty gas stations, and how prices affect the market

Nataliya Melnyk, Bendukidze Free Market Center · June 9, 2022

The Promise of Cryptocurrencies

Opinion · Cryptocurrency: the hope of a new monetary system

William J. Luther · May 19, 2022

IPhone or bulletproof vest? Looking at opportunity costs helps to make decisions

Opinion · Everything has its price. This price is always relative…

Nataliya Melnyk, Bendukidze Free Market Center · April 14, 2022

War, peace, and incentives: how the laws of economics define our lives even now

Opinion · We explain the economics of peace and war in simple words

Nataliya Melnyk, Bendukidze Free Market Center · April 5, 2022

Analysis from Georgia: how will war in Ukraine affect the Georgian economy?

Opinion · The price of war: significant fluctuations are expected in Georgia’s economy

Georgian Economic Literacy Initiative · March 24, 2022

Trade-Offs in Economics

Opinion · Trade-offs – one of the basic principles in economics

Robert F. Mulligan · March 18, 2022

Supply and Demand Is Not Just for Microeconomics

Opinion · The heart of economics - supply and demand

Alexander William Salter · March 7, 2022

In memoriam: Richard Stroup

EFI News · The world of free market economics lost one of its champions with the death of Richard Stroup

Eleanor Hammond · January 13, 2022

Ukraine: making economics teaching fun!

EFI News · Bendukidze Free Market Center co-hosts teacher training workshop

Eleanor Hammond · November 9, 2021

Uzbekistan: summer competition shows that economics can be fun!

EFI News · A whirlwind of creativity, energy and enthusiasm among award winners!

Eleanor Hammond · November 6, 2021

Kosovo: students and entrepreneurs welcome “Common Sense Economics”

EFI News · In Kosovo, 15,000 copies have been downloaded since February's launch!

Eleanor Hammond · October 27, 2021

Georgia: piloting EFI’s Teacher Toolkit with Grade 10 students

EFI News · EFI is excited to support the introduction of economics into the high school curriculum

Eleanor Hammond · October 2, 2021

Armenia: essay competition encourages high school students to tackle common sense economic issues

EFI News · Year 10-12 high school students from across Armenia participate

Eleanor Hammond · June 1, 2021

Ukraine: “Everyday Economics” - free online economic literacy course launched

EFI News · EFI partner Bendukidze Free Market Center launches economic literacy course on Prometheus

Eleanor Hammond · May 10, 2021