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Kosovo: students and entrepreneurs welcome “Common Sense Economics”

Eleanor Hammond
October 27, 2021

Throughout the year, our partners at Riinvest College have been busy bringing the Albanian edition of "Common Sense Economics" to new readers. And what interest they’ve sparked! Already, 15,000 copies have been downloaded. When pandemic restrictions have allowed, they’ve visited schools and universities, presenting the book to students and teachers, and sparking lively discussion about economic issues. In cities and towns across the country, they’ve invited entrepreneurs and students to salons in public spaces, generating huge interest and excitement in the project. Teachers are excited about the book’s potential to improve economic literacy in high schools and for students, it’s welcome support for their studies in a language which has few introductory economics textbooks.

When pandemic restrictions have stopped the team from meeting up with new readers, they’ve taken to local television.

Watch Alban Zogaj of Riinvest College speak about the book and why everyone should read it:

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