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Easily explained.

Because everyone should understand the economics of everyday decisions. Because everyone should speak the language of economics.

Everyone can be a common sense economist!

Across Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia, EFI and its country partners are offering students, teachers and the wider public an opportunity to explore the core economic and financial principles that affect their everyday lives - in their own language, and at no financial cost. They are running innovative programs of activities for high school and university students, and their teachers, to encourage and excite interest in the learning and teaching of economics and finance. Competitions and teacher training are at the core of what we do. As we grow our partner base across the region, our goal is to increase standards of economic and financial literacy and thereby to grow personal and national prosperity for a brighter future.

country partners promoting economic and financial literacy
high school students enrol in 2023 Economics Olympiad
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What's New?

Partner profile: Georgia – a new NGO committed to bringing economic literacy to the nation’s education system

In late 2021, three driven young economists, fueled by a shared passion to improve national standards of economic and financial education, formed the Georgian Economic Literacy Initiative (GELi). Recognizing the importance of understanding economics and finance in everyday life, they embarked on a mission to make these subjects more accessible and relevant to everyone. GELi envisions a future where economic literacy is integrated into the national educational system, empowering individuals to make informed financial decisions and to contribute actively to Georgia's economic development. Read more

Our Supporters

EFI is grateful to the many supporters who allow us to translate and distribute their content for new audiences.

Reviews of students and teachers

From the first pages of ‘Common Sense Economics’, I knew it would have a great impact on me and my perspective. The reality is, it actually changed my life and it provoked me to challenge myself. The book provided a structured and clear way to understand the science of economics.
Alma Gjureci
Student, Skopje
Our students will be encouraged to read the English version of the CSE book. Luckily, you have given us a good number of Albanian and English copies of the book - which will be at the disposal of students at our high school library. We think as future economists, it is important for them to be familiar with English economic terms.
English Teacher, Economics High School, Podujevo, Kosovo
Thinking about economics, I used to imagine formulas and mathematical calculations. "Common Sense Economics" showed me that economics is primarily a style of thinking that will be actively useful in my everyday life.
Temo Khatiashvili
Student, Georgia