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Georgia: piloting EFI’s Teacher Toolkit with Grade 10 students

Eleanor Hammond
October 2, 2021

In September 2021, Grade 10 students at Georgia’s leading public high school found a new addition to their curriculum: introductory economics. Komarovi is the first school in the country to make the study of economics compulsory. 250 students are studying the core principles of market economics, working with “Common Sense Economics”. The course is taught by instructors from EFI’s country partner, the Georgian Economic Literacy initiative (GEL-i).The teachers are piloting the Teacher Toolkit which is being developed by EFI’s working group of teachers from across the region. The toolkit provides them with slide decks, instructor guides and practice problems – everything they need to make learning economics engaging and fun! The Komarovi project is a pilot for future plans to introduce economics into the high school curriculum nationwide. With EFI support, GEL-i will design follow-on curricula for the 11th and 12th grades. In addition to its work with students at Komarovi, GEL-i is introducing “Common Sense Economics” in two leading private high schools. Sign up to our newsletter to follow this exciting project!

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