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We are grateful to the many individuals and organizations who have allowed us to bring their content to new audiences from Eastern Europe to Central Asia.

What They Say About Us

Stavros Center for Economic Education
EFI is a shining light to the world, bringing economic and personal finance literacy to thousands of students through innovative programs and content.  I am very proud to partner with them to enhance understanding of these important concepts.

Joe Calhoun


The Foundation for Economic Education
FEE is proud to collaborate with EFI in our shared quest to bring the economic way of thinking to new audiences. In particular, translating and distributing for free relevant economic educational materials across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Thank you for your partnership!

Marianna Davidovich 

External Affairs Chief

Stavros Center for Economic Education
EFI is a powerful initiative that demystifies the practical application of economics in everyday life and empowers individuals to make informed life choices. Thank you, EFI. You are making the world better one person at a time.

Tawni Ferrarini

Economic Education Consulting

Contact us if you would like to support EFI and bring your content to new audiences!

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John Stossel

Learn Liberty

Free To Choose Network


One Minute Economics

The Foundation for Economic Education

Marginal Revolution University

Emergent Order Foundation


Patrick Walsh, Ph.D.

Benjamin Powell, Ph.D.

Thought Monkey

American Enterprise Institute

The Fund for American Studies

Reserve Bank of New Zealand

The Economics Detective

Rare Earth

The Daily Signal


World Economic Forum

edeos- digital education



Tax Foundation

Frost & Sullivan


Economics Explained

Stavros Center for Economic Education