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Our local partners are managing a program of activities to encourage readers to explore the book and to think like common sense economists.

Albanian Enterprise Institute

The mission of the Albanian Enterprise Institute is to influence public policy debate with evidence-based research and to build consensus around policy reforms that promote a fair, competitive and prosperous economy.
Contact: Besart Kadia

Center for Behavioral Decisions

The Center for Behavioral Decisions is a research consultancy that assists clients in implementing their most challenging ideas by utilizing behavioral economics methodology.
Contact: Aram Ghazaryan

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Scientific Research Mises Center

The mission of the Scientific Research Mises Center is to advance the ideas and ideals of a free market democratic society based on individual choice and personal responsibility; to create an open community of people who share these ideals; to broaden the parameters of public policy debate to promote the original ideas of limited government, individual liberty and private property; to assist in the formation of a national elite that will be able to ensure the development of Belarusian society towards freedom and democracy within a family of like-minded countries.
Contact: Jaroslav Romanchuk

Georgian Economic Literacy Initiative

The Georgian Economic Literacy Initiative (GEL-i) is a new non-profit organization established to increase economic literacy in all groups of Georgian society. GEL-i focuses on improving economic education and increasing economic knowledge among vocational education students and students of law, political science and journalism.
Contact: Levan Pavlenishvili

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Riinvest Institute

The mission of Riinvest is to promote the modern economic development of Kosovo on a philosophy of entrepreneurship.
Contact: Visar Vokrri

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Institute of Public Policy and Administration

The Institute of Public Policy and Administration is a regional think tank concentrated on economic and social policy in Central Asia. Its professional educational programs aim to enhance governments’ and civil society’s analytical capacity to use evidence-based research. IPPA is part of the University of Central Asia, a world-class centre for knowledge and learning, connecting isolated rural communities with the global community and building the human capital needed for modern economies and stable governance.
Contact: Kemel Toktomushev

Bendukidze Free Market Center

Bendukidze Free Market Center (BFMC) is an independent Ukrainian think tank founded in 2015 by friends and supporters of Kakha Bendukidze to popularize free market ideas in Ukraine. The mission of BFMC is to unleash Ukraine’s economic potential through policy recommendations, research and educational programs that promote private initiative, responsibility and equal rules for everyone.
Contact: Nataliya Melnyk

Westminster International University in Tashkent

Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) is the first international university in Uzbekistan and first in Central Asia to offer Western education, with United Kingdom (UK) qualifications. WIUT`s mission is to provide International Standards of Education and Research Opportunities that contribute to the Intellectual, Social and Professional development of the Central Asian communities as well as Global Community.
Contact: Nargiza Alimukhamedova

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